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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Awards Funds to Beach Lake Acquisition and Restoration February 2016

Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board Awards Funds to Beach Lake Acquisition and Restoration Peninsula Daily News December 2015

With Dams Down Restored Elwha River Mouth a 'Treasure' Peninsula Daily News November 2015

Elwha River: Past and Current Journey of a River Released Outdoors Northwest August 2015

When Dams Come Down Salmon and Sand Can Prosper New York Times August 2015

Studying the Impermenance of Bluffs  Sequim Gazette June 2014


Living on the Edge: Bluff Management Information for Landowners

Department of Ecology Feeder Bluff Website
Building on Feeder Bluffs
Puget Sound Feeder Bluff Publication (Dept of Ecology April 2014)
Interactive Map of Feeder Bluff Erosion Rates
Feeder Bluff Mapping of Puget Sound
Washington Coastal Atlas
Nearshore Fact Sheet
Shoreline Management Handout 2013

Nearshore Recent Highlights
June 2013 Elwha nearshore community workshop:

Morning Edition’ Ashley Ahearn, National Public Radio/Earth Fix Environmental Reporter May 2013
Chris Dunagan, Kitsap Sun Environmental Reporter Elwha posts: April 2013


Fish Use of the Nearshore

Geomorphic Habitat Type, Drift Cell, Forage Fish, and Juvenile Salmon: Are They Linked? Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A(1):688-703 Shaffer J.A., P. Crain, T. Kassler, D. Penttila, and D Barry. 2012
Contact Anne( for pdf.

Elwha Nearshore and Other Workshop Proceedings PDF downloads
2015 Elwha Nearshore Consortium Proceedings:
2013 Elwha Nearshore Consortium Proceedings:
2011 Elwha Nearshore Consortium Workshop Proceedings:
2011 Elwha Science Conference Proceedings:

Nearshore references
When the Tide is Out.pdf
Nearshore Studynomaps.pdf
Elwha Nearshore Overview

Tsunami debris
Final olympic peninsula community tsunami debris plan outline.pdf
January 2014 Brian Atwater presents on the Orphan Tsunami of 1700’
North Olympic Tsunami Debris Symposium
December 2011Tsunami Debris Presentation by Curt Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham    

Overview of the Elwha Nearshore
2013 Elwha nearshore powerpoint overview

Protecting the Nearshore 2013
Boat Based Mapping of Elwha and Dungeness Bluffs
Nature's Value in Clallam County

Nearshore Videos
Eulachon Back in the Elwha Nearshore!
An Undammed River’s Sediment Brings New Life Downstream Katie Campbell, KCTS March 2014

Marine Ecosystem Analysis (MESA) files

Dynamics of Port Angeles Harbor & Approaches Washington.pdf
Marine Bird Populations of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strai.pdf
Food Web Relationships of Northern Puget Sound and the Strai.pdf
Food Habits of Pacific SalmonBaitfish&PotentialCompetitors&PredatorsinMrineWatersofWA Aug78-Sept79.pdf
Evaluation of Existing Marine Intertidal and Shallow Sub.pdf
Epibenthic Zooplankton Assemblages at Selected Sites Along t.pdf
Marine Mammals of Northern Puget Sound & the Strait of Juan de Fuca Nov 1977-Oct 1978.pdf
Marine Resource Damage Assessment Report.pdf
Nearshore Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages 1977.pdf
Nearshore Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages 1980.pdf
Plankton of the Strait of Juan de Fuca 1976-1977.pdf
Pugent Sound Circulation--Final Report for FY 77-78.pdf
Recovery of Strait of Juan de Fuca Intertidal Habitat Following Experimental Contamination with Oil.pdf
Surface Drift Sheet Movements Observed in the Inner Strait of Juan de Fuca, Aug. 1978 (2).pdf
The Intertidal and Shallow Subtidal Benthos of the Strait of Juan de Fuca Spring 1976-Winter 1977.pdf
The Strait of Juan de Fuca Intertidal and Subtidal Benthos.pdf
(Microfische)Evaluation of Existing Marine Intertidal and Sh.pdf
(Microfische)Marine Bird Populations of the Strait of Juan d.pdf
(Microfische)The Strait of Juan de Fuca Intertidal and Subti.pdf


Elwha nearshore the day the last Elwha Dam was removed
Joy of the Nearshore
Herring and Sand Lance
Chinook and Sand Lance


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