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Living on the Edge: Bluff Management Practices for Homeowners
Wednesday October 30th, 2013

6:00-8:00 pm at the Historical Dungeness Schoolhouse,
2781 Towne Road, Sequim

The Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI) and partners invite the community to a bluff management workshop the evening of October 30th at the historical Dungeness Schoolhouse from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. 

This workshop will focus on management actions for bluff property land owners

 Clallam County will provide an update to the Shoreline Master Program (SMP), and Elliott Menashe from Greenbelt Consulting ( will provide information on how bluff-shoreline landowners can reduce surface soil erosion and improve upland slope stability by improving their management practices, including retaining and promoting native bluff vegetation, and appropriate storm water management.

CWI and partners, including Clallam County, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, Ecology, Earth Economics, and the Surfrider Foundation, are working together to protect bluff erosion processes and ecosystem services of the nearshore by defining the best community stewardship and wise long term management actions.
 The October 30th workshop will be the second in a three workshop series provided for the benefit of our community and the environment. We hope you will join us!
The workshop is free but space is limited, so registration is required.  For more information and to register, contact:  Nicole Harris, 360-460-5092,

Funding for this work is provided by EPA, WDFW, Surfrider Foundation, Patagonia, and the Coastal Watershed Institute.

Dungeness Bluffs Nearshore Community Workshop

Monday August 5, 2013 6:00 – 8:00 pm 

The Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI) and partners invite the community to a Dungeness nearshore workshop on the evening of Monday August 5th, at the Dungeness River Audubon Center, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. 
This workshop will focus on understanding and protecting the habitat forming processes of the Dungeness system and the important linkages of our shorelines, including linkages to the nearshore of inland marine waters of the Salish Sea.

CWI and partners, including Clallam County, Washington Departments of  Fish and Wildlife, Natural Resources, and  Ecology, Earth Economics, and the Surfrider 

Foundation, are working together to better understand ecosystem services provided by the nearshore.
Landowners are the stewards of this critical zone of our shoreline. Our goal is to promote a better understanding of bluff erosion processes, define best stewardship actions, and promote wise long term management for the benefit of our community and environment.  We hope you will join us!

The workshop is free but space is limited.   Please contact Nicole Harris,, 360-460-5092, for more information, and to register.

MAPPING A TECTONIC PLATE COLLISION: Rocks and Rain in the Olympic Backcountry 4 & 5 May 2013 presentations in Port Townsend and Port Angeles by Dr. Rowland Tabor, USGS—Menlo Park, CA (retired).

Along the west coast of North America, from Mexico to southern Canada, are mountain ranges of diverse character collectively called the Coast Ranges. The Olympic Mountains, at the extreme northwest corner of the conterminous United States, are a unique part of these ranges. Even though they are closely related in rock composition to the Coast Ranges of Oregon, they are separated from them by the broad lowland of the Chehalis River and are considerably higher and more rugged. They have some scenery in common with the Insular Ranges of Vancouver Island in Canada but are geologically quite different. To learn more about the geology of the region, or to take a virtual field trip, go to 

Dr. Rowland W. Tabor, a leading scientist of the region and author of the seminal publication Geology of Olympic National Park, will present his personal experiences mapping in the Olympics, a detailed outline of their geology, the development of geologic ideas, and briefly mention of some new work by others.
The Saturday May 4th lecture at 4 pm in Port Townsend is sponsored by the Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group and will be held at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 2333 San Juan Avenue. For more information, contact Michael Machette 531-2441 or visit 

The Sunday, May 5th presentation in Port Angeles will be at 4 pm in room M125 at Peninsula College, 1502 E. Lauridsen.  This event is co-sponsored by the Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI)  and Peninsula College.  For more information, contact Nicole Harris, CWI,, or Barb Blackie, Peninsula College, The talks are free and open to the public, but a donation of $5 would be appreciated to defray expenses


8th Annual Elwha Nearshore Consortium Meetings: No host social hour on 26 February 2013 (6:30-8:00 Featuring John Gussman's 'Elwha Unplugged') at the BarHop Brewery 124 W. Railroad Ave. Workshop 27 February 2013 Peninsula College. Technical presentations/discussions during the morning, management discussions during the afternoon, and an evening presentation by Dr.  Andrea Ogston, Oceanography professor at the University of Washington  presents   highlights of the recent nearshore restoration response to dam removals-a long overdue event! Contact Anne for details.

4December 2012 Elwha nearshore. Photo by Tom Roorda.


Paleo-tsunamis, Birds, and Fish: Nearshore Salt Creek. 26-27 October 2012.  An evening forum at the Joyce Grange (50870 Hwy 112, Port Angeles) and Saturday morning field trip at Salt Creek County Park (western beach access -along Salt Creek-parking lot).  There is a great synopsis of  Sarah Sterlings  paleo-tsunami presentation on NPR's morning edition by Tom Banse see:

In the spring of 2012, a team from Portland State and Simon Fraser Universities collected geologic core samples from Salt Creek Marsh to determine the presence and extent of tsunami inundation and seismic subsidence at this location along the coast of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  This work was part of a larger study designed to understand the mechanisms and impacts of paleo-tsunamis along the northern Washington Coast. This region of the Olympic Peninsula is also one of the most productive areas for birds and fish.  In this series of presentations we celebrate this valuable corner of Washington state.





September 27, 2012 6:30 pm
The Landing Mall Conference Room
Port Angeles WA 982362

Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI) and partners are collaborating with the City of Port Angeles to present a community workshop, September 27, 6:30 pm at The Landing Mall conference room to discuss the functional linkages of the Elwha dam removal to our nearshore, bluff and beach processes, and reoccurring management issues of  the City of Port Angeles, including the landfill shoreline.  The meeting is part of an ongoing effort to promote dialogue and understanding on wise long term stewardship of our critical nearshore resources.

This will be the first of a series of CWI led community workshops  with partners, including Clallam county, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Ecology, Earth Economics and Washington Sea Grant . Together we are working to understand the nearshore environment through new data on high precision bluff erosion and quantifying economic values of ecosystem services. The work includes significant public outreach with landowners and the general public to  increase public and landowner understanding of bluff erosion processes and ecologically sound management options, and inform the SMP update process.

Contact Nichole Harris at nichole.harris@coastalwatershedinstitute,  or Anne Shaffer at, 360.461.0799, for  information



Lawrence M Dill, PhD

Evolutionary & Behavioral Ecology and Earth2Ocean Research Groups  of Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada  presented:

When: Tuesday August 14th 2012 6:30 PM
Where: Landing Mall, Port Angeles

The discussion  included:
• The impacts that salmon farms can have on wild salmon stocks
• Recent research on sea lice and other pathogens.
• How the iconic Fraser River sockeye salmon have been put at risk by salmon aquaculture.
• Degradation of the bottom communities below the farms.
• Pollution, by-catch of other fish species, escapes, and inadvertent or intentional reduction of marine mammal populations.
• New potential open pen aquaculture projects near Port Angeles.

Event sponsored by the Coastal Watershed Institute, Wild Salmon Center, Sierra Club Activist Network, and Olympic Peninsula Chapter Surfrider Foundation.

Link to presentation (two parts):
Part 1:
Part 2:

Audio only version:



When:19 September 2012 with the community meeting at the at 5:00 PM.
Where: Joyce Grange

Clallam  Tsunami Debris Community Action Workshops, May 2012. Three day workshop hosted and sponsored by Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the Clallam Marine Resources Committee. Report available, wiill be posted soon. Until then see Anne for details.

When Will Tsunami Debris Arrive in America?
A presentation by Dr. Curt Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham

13 December 2011, 6:30 pm M Building Lecture Hall, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington

See the youtube link to view this presentation:

On 11 March 2011, a devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami struck northern Japan. Tons of debris washed to sea. Large quantities of the floating plastics will persist for decades as it orbits the oceanic gyres, and the highest concentrations are expected to wash up along beaches of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia-but when? And what?

Curt Ebbesmeyer, an expert on oceanographic processes who has turned beach combing into a science, will present an overview of what marine debris can tell us and an update his work on this fascinating element of a world spanning natural disaster.

This presentation is co-sponsored by Coastal Watershed Institute, Peninsula College, the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, and the Clallam Marine Resources Committee. A five dollar donation at the door requested (students are free with a valid, current student id card). Admission proceeds to benefit the CWI collaborative nearshore internship program, and the Beachcombers’ Alert. Also, Port Book and News will offer books for sale at the presentation.

Contact Anne Shaffer,  360.461.0799, for more information.